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TP-Calcium Carbonate


TP- CALCIUM CARBONATE is an acid – soluble weighting and bridging agent for drilling and workover /completion fluids.


TP- CALCIUM CARBONATE can be supplied in a variety of grades to provide bridging or weighting particles of completion or workover fluids. It can be also used as non-damaging loss circulation or bridging material in oil muds to prevent differential sticking or muds losses when drilling into the reservoir. The material is acid soluble so that good clean-up is obtained by acidization.

Recommended treatment

The recommended treatment is 29 to 72 kg/m3 (10 to 25 lb/bbl) as a bridging agent for most application. Special pills or port use 114 kg/m3 (40lb/bbl) more for controlling losses.

Typical physical properties

Appearance…………………white to cream powder

Specific gravity……………..2.7- 2.9

Bulk density…………………960 – 1040 kg/m3 (60 – 65 lb/ft3)

Acid soluble ………………..98% in 10% HCL at 55 0C (1100F)

Grind size: in fine : < 0,074mm, in medium: 0,074 – 2mm, in coarse: > 2 mm.

Safe handling recommendations

Utilize normal precaution for employee protection when handling chemical products.

Use of appropriate respirator gloves, goggles and apron is recommended for employee comfort and protection.


TP- CALCIUM CARBONATE does not have a restricted classification for transportation by the international or domestic regulatory agencies.


TP- CALCIUM CARBONATE is packaged in 50kg PP sacks.

TP- CALCIUM CARBONATE is a trademark of Thuan Phong company

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