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Acid-in-Oil Emulsifier TPE-246


TPE-246 is a highly concentrated blend of surfactants specifically developed to facilitate the rapid formation of stable acid-in-oil emulsifier for use in retarded-acid stimulation operations in high temperature wells.


TPE-246 is used to produce stable emulsions of hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and acetic acid/acid mixtures in a diverse variety of hydrocarbon external phases including crude-oil, kerosene, diesel and other common aromatic solvents used in the oilfield.

The emulsified acid is then able to penetrate deeper into the formation as the rate at which the acid spends is retarded significantly by the reduced contact between the acid and the formation. This potentially facilitates a more effective stimulation by producing longer conductive fractures.

The stable emulsion produced by TPE-246 is slowly broken as the acid comes into contact with the formation, releasing divalent cations and spending the acid, once broken the emulsion will not reform thus minimising potential damage formation.

Application concentrations of TPE-246 are typically in the range of 5 – 10 gallons / 1000 gallons of acids and are dependant upon the composition of the acid to be emulsified, the nature of hydrocarbon external phase, the acid to hydrocarbon ratio and the bottom-hole temperature of the well. Typically aromatic hydrocarbons such as Xylene and Toluene require higher concentrations of TPE-246 to produce a stable emulsion than kerosene and diesel.

TPE-246 is effective for use in retarded acid stimulation operations in wells with botom-hole temperatures up to and above 1500C.

TPE-246 is specially developed to form a stable acid-in-oil emulsion rapidly, without the need for prolonged mixing of the two phases. This feature allows TPE-246 to be used continously thus improving cost efficiency and safety.


Appearance                                                            Dark liquid

Specific gravity (160C)                                             0.95 – 0.99

Density (160C)                                                       7.91 lbs/gal

Flash point (0C)                                                     80

pH                                                                        6.5 – 9.0


TPE-246 is packed in 200 liters steel drum.


Trade Name: TPE-246
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