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MIL - SEAL is a lost – circulation material containing a blend of granular, flicker, and fibrous material available in three different grind size (Coarse, medium, and fine).


MIL – SEAL is added to combat a severe lost – circulation problem. Pretreatment of the mud is sometimes done but not generally recommended as screens must be bypassed facilitating a buildup of low – gravity solids. The fine ground product can be added in low concentration of 5.7 to 14.3 kg/m3(2.0 to 5.0 lb/bbl) to aid in sealing microfissures. This product will pass though maximum of a 20 – mesh screen.

Recommended treatment

MIL – SEAL is normally recommended in concentration of 57.0 to 85.5 kg/m3 (20.0 to 30.0 lb/bbl) Mixed s a slug of 15.9 to 31.8 m3 (100.0 to 200.0 lb/bbl) and spotted next to the zone of loss. This slurry is placed at a reduced pump rate with large nozzle bit or open – ended pipe.

Typical physical properties

Appearance…………………Flakes, fiber, gralunar materials


PH in H2O( 3% solution)………………………Neutral

Safe handling recommendations

Utilize normal precaution for employee protection when handling chemical products.

Use of appropriate respirator gloves, goggles and apron is recommended for employee comfort and protection.


MIL - SEAL does not have a restricted classification for transportation by the international or domestic regulatory agencies.


MIL – SEAL is packaged in 25 kg PP sacks multi – wall bags

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