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  • Anti – scale is a reasonable scale chemotherapy chemicals used to bleach scale such as rust iron and other metal structural unit of other communities such as brass, community, other alloy steel and other situations that are very effective and do not adversely affect to the metal surface types. Anti – scale bleach scale iron and rust will be easier to peel in an effective and safe way.
  • Anti - scale using the highly effective job cleaning scale and protein in the temperature exchange system, the water treatment pipes, and the lead water pipes in the pressure pot.
  • Do not use Anti – scale with other Acidsent and other metals sensitive to acid.
  • Anti – scale is manufactured for metal corrosion inhibitor.
  • Use of Anti - scale unit for cleaning and rust iron scale very economic, safe, easy to use, simple maintenance.
  • When dissolve with water, the solution Anti - scale with water has acid characteristic but not evaporate so it does not cause toxic for operating people.
  • Used dosage depends on the rate of scale, iron rust on metal surfaces. Commonly used dosage of 100 ÷ 200ppm.
  • Anti – scale is effective to use in water at high temperature of the environment and water.
  • Leave the solution of Anti – scale and water at room temperature overnight, the scale on metal surfaces will be automatically peeled off without having to consider scrubing by hands. In case of hardened and thicken scale then apply scrubing gently. To withdraw a short period of time cleaning scale, just increase the dosage up to 300 ppm and improve water temperature up to 70 ° C to 85 ° C and maintain temperature in 30 – 40 minutes.
  • Tank container should use plastic containers or equipment or materials subject to acid inhibitor to store solution contaning Anti – scale and water.

Products can be contained in plastic 30kg/can.


When dissolve in water with Anti – scale, it becomes a strong acid, need to be careful exposure. Should use rubber gloves and goggles when working with Anti - scale. When the solution sticks to the skin or clothing, wash immediately with clean water.

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