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Oxygen Scavenger Dyno Or-257


DYNO OR-257 is a water solution of ammonium bisulphite. It reacts rapidly with dissolved oxygen at a ratio of 10 parts DYNO OR-257 per part of oxygen. DYNO OR-257 presents no unusual hazards with respect to handling, and its’ freeze is stable at below -100C.

DYNO OR-257 can also react with other oxidising agents such as chromates and dicromates. Hypochloride, chlorine, bromine and others.

Furthermore, reaction of DYNO OR-257 with aldehydes can be used as an aid in the clean-up of spills of some type of bactericides.


Although the theoretical treatment with DYNO OR-257 should be at the ratio of 10:1 (DYNO OR-257:Oxygen on weight basis). It is sometimes found that low temperatures or competing side reactions will dictate higher usage. For thiss reason, actual oxygen concentration should be monitored using a suitable oxygen mater or colourimetric method in order to optimise treatment. Bactericides containing aldehydes should not be simultaneously injected with DYNO OR-257 as the effects of both chemicals would be diminished.

Instead, the oxygen scavenger is often injected at anearly stage of the system where it removes oxygen and itself, converted to a different and non-reactive chemical form. Then the bactericide may be injected with no interference.

DYNO OR-257 should be stored in closed stainless steel, or coated mild steel containers or in suitable fiber-glass or plastic tanks.


DYNO OR-257 is used to chemically react with and remove oxygen, chlorine and certain other oxidising elements from fresh or salt water, water-based drilling fluids, and water-based packer fluids.

In addition, it is often used to remove oxygen from water to be used in pipeline hydrotesting, as well as for scavenging in flood and water injection.


Appearance Light yellow liquid

Density (kg/m3) 1360 – 1390

Melting point 0C 15

Flash point 0C N/A

Viscosity (mPa @ 200C) 4.5

Viscosity (mPa @ 50C) 7.4

pH, concentrated product 3 – 5

Solubility Soluble in water


Utility normal precautions for employee protection when handling chemical products. Use of appropriate respirator. Gloves, goggles and apron is recommended for employee confort and protection.


DYNO OR-257 does not have a restricted classification for transportation by the international or domestic regulatory agencies.


DYNO OR-257 is packaged in 55 gal/drum.

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